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  • A-Frame
    A peak-shaped wave, with left and right shoulders, and the highest point of the crest in the middle of the peak.
  • Acetone
    Flammable, volatile, toxic chemical solvent used to clean polyester resin from tools, etc.
  • Aerial
    Complex small-wave maneuver in which both surfer and board launch into the air off the top of a wave, before dropping(...)
  • Airbrush
    The tool utilized by an artist to spray color onto a surfboard. The airbrush is driven by a compressor and sprays paint(...)
  • Alaia
    A kind of surfboard, made of real wood and generally about six feet in length, used by Hawaiian commoners to surf(...)
  • Aloha
    Hawaiian word used as a greeting, a send-off, a indication of affection and/or a wish for excellent fortune or mercy.
  • Angling
    Initial step toward performance in surfing. Refers to a surfer's riding across the wave face at an angle to the(...)
  • Ankle Slop
    Swells that are way too small to ride.    
  • Artificial Reef
    An underwater man-made structure with multiple motives: 1) supporting ailing ocean ecologies by providing sea fauna a(...)
  • Asymmetrical zippers
    Wetsuit zippers with staggered teeth, developed to keep a more restrictive seal and let much less water in. Common in(...)
  • Atmospheric Pressure
    The air pressure or force applied on the Earth's surface triggered by the weight of the air overhead, typically between(...)
  • Axe/Axed
    A hefty wipeout, generally involving the wave's lip impacting directly on a surfer. Also known as drilled, pummeled,(...)
  • Babe
    Surf and other slang for a smoking hot girl.  
  • Back Paddle
    When a surfer paddles in front and around somebody to get the nearest position to the wave peak or takeoff location(...)
  • Backdoor
    (verb) The act of taking off deep behind the peak or a section on a hollow wave, and surfing through the barrel or tube(...)
  • Backing off
    Right after a wave begins to stand up, steepen, or break in shallow water, but then moves through deeper water nearer(...)
  • Backside
    Alludes to the position in which you are facing a wave. Surfing backside indicates that the rear portion of your body(...)
  • Backwash
    A deflected wave usually caused by water pushing up onto a sharp grade of shoreline, which then pushes back out to sea(...)
  • Baggies
    Surf trunks created specifically for surfing which was derived from an aged term from the 50-60's. Surfers nowdays(...)
  • Bailout
    To abandon, dump or ditch off one's surfboard prior to getting wiped out by the wave, either when riding the wave or(...)
  • Balsa
    Light-weight, porous wood used through the 1940s and 1950s as an essential key material for surfboard production. Balsa(...)
  • Bamboo
    Sometimes used in thin laminar sheets as a alternative for fiberglass in the surfboard manufacturing process.
  • Barrel
    Also referred as tube, barrel is the area inside a breaking wave in between the lip and face. It's possible for a(...)
  • Bathymetry
    The topography of the ocean floor or underwater bottom, or the way of measuring the depths of bodies of water.  
  • Beach Break
    Waves breaking over a sand bottom right on the beach.  
  • Beach Bunnies
    Frequent American pop culture slang for a young woman who spends her free time at the beach. In the surf culture it(...)
  • Beavertail
    Very early wetsuit design in the '70s with a significant flap attached to the suit's lower back then wrapped below the(...)
  • Blank
    This is the initial block of foam, usually made from polyurethane foam, used to shape a surfboard. A blank typically(...)
  • Blindstitched
    Seam that's heavily glued together, then sewn midway through the fabric so you really don't see the sewing on the other(...)
  • Blown Out
    A surf condition triggered by robust onshore winds which generate an unappealing chop on the wave faces and through the(...)
  • Body Board
    The term originated with the Morey Boogie-board created by Tom Morey in the 1970's using a smaller soft foam board(...)
  • Bodyboarder
    A person who rides waves lying down on a bodyboard (Boogie Board). Often beginners, although some bodyboarders like(...)
  • Bodysurf
    To catch waves by swimming and without a board which was likely the initial type of surfing. In shallower waters(...)
  • Bomb
    Bomb is a very large wave which is normally well above the session's regular wave size.
  • Bombora
    Australian term for monsterous waves breaking further out from shore and separated by deep water and may also be known(...)
  • Bonzer
    Developed by the Campbell brothers, Duncan and Malcolm, in 1971 its one of the original surfboard designs and the(...)
  • Boost
    To soar from the lip area of a wave or to take off from a wave into an aerial.  
  • Bottom
    The underneath side of a surfboard.  
  • Bottom Curve
    (see Rocker)  
  • Bottom Turn
    Frequently, but not always, the initial move of a ride, a bottom turn is a wide ranging, highly effective move that(...)
  • Bowl
    Nicknamed "bowl" due to the fact the wave abruptly becomes concave from a wide range of angles, not simply from the(...)
  • Brah
    Hawaiian slang for brother or "bro".    
  • Break Line
    The break line is the basic line in the water where waves start to break. If all other factors are equal, waves should(...)
  • Breaking
    Breaking is when a wave moves from deeper water to more shallow water so the wave steepens as the wave energy is pushed(...)
  • Broken Up
    Also referred to as "scattered peaks", broken up surf conditions are when the waves proceed towards the beach and break(...)
  • Buckle
    (see crease)    
  • Bumpy
    Bumps on the ocean surface produced by wind, typically between 6-10 knots in velocity. Certainly not clean but also not(...)
  • Buoy
    A floating larger item moored to the bottom of the ocean to indicate a channel, anchor, shoal, rock, other object, etc.(...)
  • Carbon Fiber
    Carbon fiber is a form of superior fiber which is saturated in resin then is sometimes laid in pieces along the span of(...)
  • Carving
    When a superior surfer slices up a wave utilizing his board like a large knife. A surfing strategy in which the surfer(...)
  • Caught Inside
    A situation where a surfer is stuck between the shoreline and breaking waves and generally indicates the surfer will(...)
  • Central Pressure Index
    The minimum atmospheric pressure in the center or eye of a hurricane which is utilized to calculate the wind velocities(...)
  • Channel
    Credited to Jim Pollard of Australia dating back to 1970, the bottom shape of the board in which grooves are sliced(...)
  • Choppy
    Bumpy ocean and surf conditions that are rough because of excessively strong winds and/or currents in which wind(...)
  • Clean
    Excellent surfing conditions with respectable wave energy and a smooth or glassy ocean surface and extremely minimal(...)
  • Clean-up Set
    A significantly larger wave or a set of waves which breaks further outside than standard. A clean-up set generally(...)
  • Climbing and Dropping
    A very good technique for gaining speed while turning up and down the face of a wave as you surf down the line.  
  • Closeout
    When all portions of the wave-down the line or crest of the wave break at the same time which are not optimal for(...)
  • Cloudbreak
    A wave or waves that seldom break other than on large swells and breaks much deeper out to sea than typical usually(...)
  • Combo Swell
    A combination of swells from varying directions which will generate peaky and crossed up conditions as the waves merge(...)
  • Computer
    Many top shapers presently use extremely precise machines to cut blanks into near-ready made patterns, or "pre-shapes".(...)
  • Concave
    A design characteristic involving a slight scooping out of a region of the board, generally the bottom from rail to(...)
  • Consistent
    A surf condition when waves are arriving very regularly and in expected volumes.  
  • Consitent
    A surf condition when waves are arriving in very regularly and in expected volumes.  
  • Continental Shelf
    The underwater shelf stretching from a continent out to sea to a depth of about 165 fathoms or 1,000 feet. Long(...)
  • Contour
    A line on a map or chart symbolizing points of equal value in comparison to datum or the starting point. An isobath(...)
  • Cool
    The universal term alluding to all things good. The definitions of cool can be endless. Suffice it to say, one who(...)
  • Corduroy
    Describes the perspective of a sequence of swells pushing in from the horizon.  
  • Corners
    The ending sections or shoulders of waves, and a term generally used on the more closed out days when surfers attempt(...)
  • Crease
    Damage induced by hefty normal impact to a surfboard in which the surfboard flexes even more than the glass and resin(...)
  • Crest
    The lip or top portion of the wave or swell.    
  • Curl
    The area just ahead of the barrel, an Old School phrase used to illustrate the concave face of the wave just prior to(...)
  • Cutback
    A vintage surfing move utilized to modify the path when cruising ahead of the curl of a wave with a powerful turn back(...)
  • Cyclone
    An atmospheric closed circulation rotating counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern(...)
  • Dawn Patrol
    Surf session in the very early morning typically before the sunrise. This time of day generally features the smallest(...)
  • Deck
    The top surface area of a surfboard on which you apply wax for traction.    
  • Deck Grip
    Gritted substance patch, usually a small fraction of an inch thick, which can be fused or glued to the deck of a(...)
  • Deep Water
    Water so deep that surface waves are not impacted by the bathymetry on the ocean floor. Usually water more than 1,000(...)
  • Deepwater Breaks
    Surfing areas where the swells have a sharp cross over from deep water to shallow water so the waves are usually bigger(...)
  • Degrees
    The unit of measurement for direction to evaluate where wind and swell track is arriving from. North is 0 or 360(...)
  • Delaminate
    A breakdown of the bond between the fiberglass and foam of a surfboard where the fiberglass gets divided from the foam.(...)
  • Designer
    An expert surfboard shaper or rider who comes up with new ideas for surfboard shapes. Also see shaper.    
  • Diffraction
    The process of wave energy filtering into the path of obstacles such as breakwaters by the exchange of the wave energy(...)
  • diffraction, waves breaing into
    The process of wave energy filtering into the path of obstacles such as breakwaters by the exchange of the wave energy(...)
  • Ding
    Harm to a surfboard triggered by dropping or collision with another hard or course object or surfboard. Dings need to(...)
  • Direction
    The place the wind or swell is arriving from. In the maritime community, directions are often recognized as the(...)
  • Double Blindstiched
    Seam on the surfboard is fused together with glue and blindstitched on the exterior, switched inside out and(...)
  • Double Up
    When two waves merge which frequently generates an extra powerful wave with twice the volume of energy. Double up waves(...)
  • Down Rail
    Credited to Mike Diffenderfer of the United States in the 1960s, a rail (see rail) shape in which the deck angles down(...)
  • Down-the-Line
    A reference point to the course further along the crest of a wave from the position from where a surfer drops into the(...)
  • Drag
    The effect that leads to water flow to be slowed down or interrupted as it moves along a surfboard's surfaces. Reasons(...)
  • Drive
    The impact of water pressure forced against a surfboard's surface area which creates acceleration and speed down the(...)
  • Drop
    The first part of a ride when the surfer glides down the facial area of the wave.  
  • Drop-In
    When a surfer at first moves down along the face of the wave right after catching a wave. Also a expression used to(...)
  • Duck Dive
    To duck under a busted wave by forcing the front of your surfboard under the water while levering the rear of the board(...)
  • Dumping
    Used to characterized waves that are very hollow and hard-breaking.  
  • Duration
    In wave forecasting, the duration of time the wind blows in the same direction above the swell producing area or the(...)
  • Eddy
    A circular motion of air, water, or wind that builds up on the side of the primary body of movement. Eddies will build(...)
  • Entry
    A phrase utilized to describe the region of the surfboard where water initially makes contact with the rocker.  
  • Entry Line
    The imaginary line a surfer will visualize when dropping into a wave.  
  • Epoxy
    A form of plastic resin applied by some manufacturers as a replacement for polyester resin. Generally an epoxy-user(...)
  • Expanded Seam Technology (EST)
    Developed by a skin graft specialist in the late 1990s, Expanded Seam Technology (EST) is a way to have a "stitchless"(...)
  • Exposure
    A expression utilized to illustrate how breaks throughout a region will acquire an inbound swell relative to whether(...)
  • Extratropical
    A expression utilized to suggest that a tropical cyclone has dropped its "tropical" element which is a warm core heart(...)
  • Eye
    Also classified as the "eye of the storm", a somewhat tranquil area located near the center of storms usually(...)
  • Eyewall/Wall Cloud
    A dense, heavy band of clouds that encompass the eye or center of a tropical cyclone.    
  • Face
    The steepening shoreward front face of a wave where most surfing occurs.  
  • Face Height
    The measurement of wave height by the front side of the wave from the top crest to the low portion of the trough in(...)
  • Fade
    When a surfer drops in and angles back into the energy of the wave to get deeper and nearer to the breaking part of the(...)
  • Fan
    The spray produced from a powerful, slicing turn, making a trail of water, which may be briefly suspended in the air.(...)
  • Feathering
    A wave state just preceding to the wave breaking, when the crest of the wave starts to display a bit of whitewater as(...)
  • Fetch
    The region throughout the ocean over which a wind flow with a constant direction produces waves and sea state. The(...)
  • Fiberglass
    The interwoven glass fabric that is soaked with resin which is then applied in surfboard lamination to create the hard(...)
  • Fin Chop
    Injuries induced by the fins on a surfboard, which is usually someone elses board fins.
  • Fin System
    A catchall expression referring to numerous innovations enabling fins to be connected and removed effortlessly and(...)
  • Fins
    A Rudderlike device(s) used beneath a surfboard to enable management, control, direction and drive. Numerous distinct(...)
  • Firing
    Really good surf. Also called pumping, or going off.    
  • Fish
    A surf board style invented by Steve Lis of San Diego, California, that showcases a broad nose and wide swallow-type(...)
  • Flat
    When there are pretty much zero waves to surf or unridable surfing conditions. Some waves themselves also have "flat"(...)
  • Flatstitched
    Or flatlocked, seams that have the stitching sewed through the fabric; usually applied in warmer-water suits due to the(...)
  • Floater
    A move in which the surfer rides over and/or along the top of a breaking wave, sliding across broken foam or a pitching(...)
  • Foil
    The pace of change of width from nose to tail of a surfboard. In addition, the amount of change of thickness of a(...)
  • Forehand
    (see frontside)    
  • Forerunners
    On and a half times the swell period to be precise.    
  • Forward Vee
    (see reverse vee)    
  • Freeboarding
    Commonly pertains to the act of riding a surfboard behind a boat very comparable to water skiing which lead to tow-in(...)
  • Frontside
    Facing directly at the wave when surfing. A goofyfoot heading left or a regularfoot going right. Also known as(...)
  • Fujiwara Effect
    When two tropical cyclones rotate around each other. This is typically triggered by the lack of guiding winds in the(...)
  • Fullsuit
    As the title indicates, a wetsuit that covers the entire physique, although some organizations do produce short-arm(...)
  • Funboard
    A compromise surfboard style, mixing the exceptional paddling features of a longboard, but removed of some of the(...)
  • Gale Warning
    When maintained surface area winds are stated or anticipated to be in the range of 34 to 47 knots over the water, a(...)
  • Gasket
    Three locations on a suit: wrist, ankle joint and neck-where the rubber is rolled inwards to develop a rather stringent(...)
  • Glass Job
    The safety fiberglass and resin layer applied over the foam of a surf board.
  • Glasser
    A person which is employed to laminate surf boards making use of fiberglass and materials, hence the name.
  • Glassy
    A windless surf problem through which the texture of the sea area is ultra-smooth, like glass.
  • Glosscoat
    A final coat of thin, tough resin applied to many surfboards in order to bring up a slick glossy area.
  • GMT
    Greenwich Mean Time. The Greenwich Meridian is situated at 0 degrees longitude, over a town named Greenwich in England.(...)
  • Gnarly
    Hefty, extreme waves or circumstances. Seems frequently overused.
  • Going Off
    When the surf is extremely good and firing or pumping. Also, refers to a surfer who is surfing particularly well.
  • Goofy Foot
    A surfer which surfs right foot ahead and encounters the wave on lefts, and doesn't face the wave on rights.
  • Great Circle
    The quickest range in between two points on a rounded or spherical surface like the Earth, which is really a rounded(...)
  • Grom
    A youthful surfer commonly under the age of 16.  
  • Grommet
    A youthful surfer commonly under the age of 16.  
  • Groundswell
    A swell with a swell period over 11 seconds in between succeeding surges. Generally, the harder the wind strikes in a(...)
  • Gun
    A special surf board made to catch big waves. Usually longer compared to typical surf boards so the web surfer could(...)
  • Gusset
    The panel that extends down the arm, developed to make paddling less difficult.
  • Hang Ten
    A longboarding move in which the surfer hangs ten toes of both feet over the tip or front of the surfboard. Hanging(...)
  • Hard Core
    Incredibly devoted surfer or highly dedicated to the surfing way of life.  
  • Height vs. Period
    A measure of the amount of energy or wave height within each swell period band. Really reliable to see the amount of(...)
  • Hindcast
    The procedure of using previous wind and wave details to re-forecast the wave characteristics for a previous scenario.(...)
  • Hip the Flip
    Commonly seen as an competitive, highly effective move necessitating exceptional timing in which a surfer turns the(...)
  • Hollow
    A wave condition in which a barrel or tube forms beneath the lip area or crest of the wave, so when you get tubed on a(...)
  • Hollowboard
    Invented by Tom Blake of the USA in 1932, type of surfboard which used redwood sheets to create a lengthy, narrow board(...)
  • Hood
    Typically constructed from incredibly soft neoprene, as it needs to fit well; can conceal to merely under the nose in(...)
  • Hot Coat
    A coat of resin used during the laminating procedure, after the initial coat of resin and glass. So called given that(...)
  • Hot Curl
    A unique surfboard style created in the 1950s by Californian Dale Velzy.  
  • Hotdogging
    Older term typically specified as surfing for flash instead compared to function with little regard for making the(...)
  • Hull
    Typical in longboards developed before 1967, and in some longboards nowadays, a underside shape suggestive of a boat,(...)
  • Hurrican Season
    When the ITCZ (Inter Tropical Merging Zone) relocates to a point of 5 degrees or even more North or South of the(...)
  • Hurricane
    A tropical storm where the max preserved surface winds are 64 knots (74 mph) or more. These exotic cyclones are called(...)
  • Hurricane Warning
    An alert released by the National Hurricane Center that sustained gusts of wind 64 knots (74 mph) or greater in a(...)
  • Hurricane Watch
    An statement released by the National Hurricane Center for certain regions that hurricane conditions are feasible(...)
  • Impact Zone
    Place in the lineup just where the waves are commonly breaking. Surfers wish to prevent being captured in this spot(...)
  • Inconsistent
    A surf situation in which waves do not occur regularly or predictably, and there are lengthy, unclear delays in between(...)
  • Inside
    The takeoff location on a wave nearest to the curl than any other surfer. In addition, "caught inside" is getting(...)
  • Interval
    See swell period.  
  • Isobars
    Lines of equivalent atmospheric pressure on a weather graph or chart. The nearer the lines are together, the more(...)
  • Jacking Up
    A wave condition through which a swell increases very promptly as it passes from deeper water to more shallow water. A(...)
  • Jersey
    The molded internal material that keeps the neoprene together, created from any combination of nylon, polypropylene,(...)
  • Kevlar
    A kind of glass-plastic fabric which is ultra-strong and sometimes used by surfboard makers for specific products, but(...)
  • Kick
    A phrase alluding to amount of rocker in the tail.  
  • Kickout
    A ride terminating move in which the surfer turns out and over the back of the wave.  
  • Kneepads
    A lot of wetsuits feature molded kneepads, which are pre-molded rubber that on the face helps with mobility. Frequently(...)
  • Knot
    The maritime phrase for a nautical mile which equals roughly 1.2 miles per hour on land. Wind velocity and other speeds(...)
  • Kook
    A individual who has an overstated concept of his/her surfing ability and who consequently intervenes with other(...)
  • La Nina
    A cooling down of the ocean surface area off of the western coastline of South America. Is the opposite of El Nino.
  • Laminate
    The initial coat of resin adhered to a shaped surfboard blank. Laminating resin is utilized to bathe the fiberglass(...)
  • Latitude
    The proximity north or south of the Equator, as gauged in levels along a line or meridian. Each degree of latitude(...)
  • Layback
    A move where the surfer leans backside off of his/her board normally often in the barrel or while in a cutback.
  • Leash
    The urethane cord utilized to connect the surfer to a surfboard, paddleboard or bodyboard. Many times also referred to(...)
  • Leash Plug
    A compact plug with a crosswise metallic plastic material bar used to connect a leash to a surfboard which is normally(...)
  • Left
    A wave breaking toward the left from the vantage point of a surfer riding the wave. From a beachfront viewpoint it's a(...)
  • Length
    A phrase expounding on the surfboard's measurement from nose to tail down the stringer.
  • Line
    The swells nearing the shoreline just before they break which also refers to the course a surfer takes on a wave.
  • Line-Up
    The place where surfers park waiting around for upcoming waves generally basically outside of the impact zone or break(...)
  • Lined Up
    Frequently known as "mostly walled" in surfing reports, waves or swells with lengthy crests either in deeper water or(...)
  • Lined Up Peaks
    When a mixture of swells merge to generate very long peaks with long lined up rights and lefts. A bit distinct from(...)
  • Lip
    This is the place the majority of the moving energy of a wave is situated, the portion of a wave that pitches outward(...)
  • Locals
    Very long time regulars at a certain surf place or area. Locals might or might not live at or near the location, yet(...)
  • Locked In
    A 1960's phrase for when a surfer surfs in the barrel or tubed on a wave. A surfer accomplishes this by drawing into(...)
  • Long Period Swells
    A term used to recognize swells with swell periods over 16 secs in between successive waves. Because the swell energy(...)
  • Long Wave
    Waves with periods in excess of more than 30 seconds. These are incredibly unusual, and the quintessential forerunner.
  • Longboard
    A surfboard that is clearly longer and wider at the nose and tail than a regular "short" board. These boards are often(...)
  • Longitude
    The distance east or west of the prime meridian which is located at 0 degrees longitude at Greenwich, England, as(...)
  • Lull
    A interval of time when there is a break in the uniformity of the waves.
  • Macking
    When waves are genuinely large and firing with enormous peak. The waves don't have to be necessarily good for surfing,(...)
  • MEKP
    Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide is a noxious toxic compound utilized in small volumes as a catalyst or "hardener" for(...)
  • Mercator
    A form of chart that demonstrates a level surface area to the Earth which is basically curved. A straight line on the(...)
  • Meter
    The metric equivalent of 3.28 feet.  
  • Meters per second
    A scientific measurement for speed, which is equal to about one half of a knot. For example 10 meters per second would(...)
  • Midpoint
    The position on a surfboard precisely midway between the nose and tail, which is not specifically the wide point (see(...)
  • Millibars (mb)
    Units of atmospheric pressure equivalent to one thousandth (1/1000) of a bar. Conventional atmospheric pressure at sea(...)
  • Millimeters (mm)
    A metric measurement that alludes to the thickness of neoprene in which wetsuits are hardly ever all one thickness.(...)
  • Mini-back Zip
    A little zipper, frequently covered by a layer of rubber at the rear of it to avoid water seepage. It was formulated as(...)
  • Minigun
    A style attributed to Dick Brewer of Hawaii on or around 1968, which amongst other points exhibited the first hints of(...)
  • Molding/Molded Boards
    A general phrase for a kind of surfboard creation in which a tough plastic molded shell is injected with expanding foam(...)
  • Monochromatic Waves
    Waves produced in a research laboratory wave pool for scientific research where each wave has the exact same period and(...)
  • Mushy
    A surf condition in which waves are crumbly and gentle without any steepness to wave or significantly energy.
  • Nautical Mile
    The maritime term for a mile which equals approximately 1.2 statute miles on land. Wind speed and other velocities are(...)
  • Neoprene
    Discovered by Jack O'Neill in the 1940s in the section floor covering of a DC-3 airplane, wetsuit neoprene is extremely(...)
  • Nose
    Roughly the first twelve inches of the surfboard on the front side.
  • Noseguard
    The trade name, now growing to be generic, for a silicon tip developed to be affixed to the nose of a surfboard in(...)
  • NPAC
    Abbreviated for North Pacific.
  • Nylon
    Very smooth fabric, typically used as a liner/jersey, to prevent the neoprene from expanding and coming apart.
  • Off-the-lip
    An fairly advanced technique when a surfer turns the surfboard hard up to connect with the lip of the wave as it is(...)
  • Offshore
    Winds that blow in the direction of the ocean from the land, generally generating clean and groomed surf conditions.(...)
  • Olo
    A type of surfboard, sixteen to eighteen feet in length and made of Koa or wiliwili wood, used by Hawaiian royalty to(...)
  • Onshore
    Winds that blow in from the ocean in the direction of the shore. Mostly onshore winds in excess of 8 knots create chop(...)
  • Out the Back
    see Outside.  
  • Outline
    The defining form of a surfboard from nose to tail as observed from the deck or bottom. Outline is the very first step(...)
  • Outside
    The space outside of the lineup or break line where surfers in the lineup originally observe sets of waves as they(...)
  • Over the falls
    The most severe possible wipeout in which a surfer is sucked back over the top of the wave as it breaks then free-falls(...)
  • Overall Height and Period
    The significant wave height and also dominant wave period that is typically reported from the offshore buoys.(...)
  • Overhead
    Wave elevations that are in excess of the height of the surfer on the wave. Typically utilized as a measurement level(...)
  • Paipo
    A wooden bodyboard or handboard traditionally used by Hawaiians and other Pacific islanders.
  • Panels
    Neoprene is sliced into sheets that are shaped to numerous parts of the body and then joined with each other at the(...)
  • Peak
    A wave with a noticeably larger central point of the wave, tapering down smaller in the direction of the shoulders or(...)
  • Peak periods
    The swell interval with the most energy throughout a wave or swell occurrence. Commonly a swell will at first appear(...)
  • Peaky Lines
    A mixture of